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Marketing Ninja – Neil Patel’s Hello Bar is something that you’ve got to know (if you haven’t yet).
Hello Bar has been on my “fav” tools list for a month now. The benefits are just too good to ignore & so, I thought of spreading some love for this tool. After all, who knows, maybe you’d find it just the thing you were looking for! And if you do, you don’t need to thank me, but thank the awesome team behind Hello Bar & pat your own back for putting this tool to good use. So, let’s dive in!

Hello Bar is a surprisingly simple yet a resourceful FREE tool that can be used for a variety of marketing goals, integrated right into your website!

  1. To build your email List, by offering a quick subscribe option to your website visitors. It even offers ‘lead questions’ for better conversions. Customize it as per your taste (Also do A/B testing within this tool – we’ll talk about it in a while)
  2. To talk to your visitors – yes, that one-click dial option right from within your website. Or chat Or to take them to your call scheduler. That simple!
  3. Show an announcement to your visitors to highlight your awesome new sale, a fresh launch or limited time offer. Go creative!
  4. To drive traffic to a specific URL – it can be your squeeze page or a subdomain or anything where you need your inbound traffic to be channeled to! More powerful than you’d imagine!
  5. Social Media Channels – To increase your likes/members to your social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest.

Hello Bar even in its FREE version offers Hello Bar for multiple websites, A/B testing options for each goal, provides weekly analysis that’s sent directly to your inbox. And needless to say, their integration options cover all the hot marketing suites. The support you get with Hello Bar is equally good!

Simplicity is the BEST aspect of Hello Bar. Since Hello bar is really a single line of HTML, it can be easily integrated into ANY website, very easily. I use it on my wordpress site as a simple plugin!

Hello Bar offers premium versions for an upgrade that helps customizations, removal of Hello Bar logo, target specific users and access unlimited bars. All at an affordable cost!

In case you haven’t yet uncovered the awesomeness of Hello Bar: Hustle!


Rupa Patil
Founder – Weekend Nuts
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