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This is a special note for:
Busy #Entrepreneurs & #Businessowners with great products/services – seeking #growth 


We can attempt to solve the mystery of improving Sales figures with attracting qualified leads that boosts conversion ratio. Now, either we can ‘buy’ these leads in form of email lists OR “build it organically”. For some businesses the former approach may work, but not really for most of the B2Bs.


Companies with great product or services, have so much knowledge & expertise. So, it’s best for such businesses to position themselves as Subject Matter Experts with great Content dissipated to their potential buyers – Offline & needless to say, Online! (We all know our buyers are online!)

Your buyers are Online. Let them find your brand. Be there, be visible.


Perhaps this is a no-brainer. But the issue is TIME (Or the lack of it!) We are all so busy managing our day-to-day operations & customers, that Content Writing for Marketing really takes a backseat, especially for small businesses & super-busy Entrepreneurs with great product or services!

Of course, companies with big bucks or dedicated marketing teams don’t necessarily face this issue. But what about Small businesses? What about startups? What about those Busy Entrepreneurs with great value brand, that deserves to scale up?


We all know the value of Content-writing, Social Media Marketing & CONSISTENCY! But due to various reasons, including lack of time & budget, it stays as one of the daunting “Daily-checklist” items which get checked “on & off”, but certainly not “Daily”.


There are 3 ways ahead for churning out great content for your brand:

(1) You spare some time, sit down & write it yourself! Daily/Weekly/Monthly…

(2) You hire great content writers (Part time or full time or freelancers)

(3) Or you ask your Digital Marketing agency (if you have one) to do it for you!


Now, those of us who’ve been there done that, knows that all the 3 options mentioned above either demands a great amount of time or $$$. Plus, the effort that goes in “trying & testing” which one works best for you – that’s an add-on.


But what if we could hire the best #DigitalMarketing Experts & experienced native English speaking #ContentSpecialists across the globe, “On-Demand” via a proven Digital “Marketplace” model, that functions 24/7, 365 days a year?


What if we could pick & choose a specific digital marketing task that we need the most? What if we could “Try & Buy” our shortlisted marketing gig? What if we had the liberty of adding marketing activities as and when needed instead of committing for a digital Marketing “Package”? What if we could pay ONLY for our shortlisted Marketing gigs, on an affordable Monthly subscription model, with NO annual commitments? … All this & yet have 100% control?

Our on-demand social media services come with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Also, what if we got ALL of this with a

“100% satisfaction guarantee”?

As a busy #Entrepreneur & as a #BusinessOwner will an option like this make you feel liberated? Would you focus on your business with peace knowing an expert is taking care of your digital marketing requirements on DAILY basis? Even when you’re away on vacation?


If you nodded affirmatively for any of these questions, then:
“EXPLORE” the new world of On-Demand Digital Marketplace!


A Digital Marketplace may or may not appeal to you. You may opt in or leave it out.

But most certainly, after exploring a Digital Marketplace, you’ll have an interesting option to: materialize, improve & automate your Digital Marketing efforts!
Thus, improving the possibility of attracting qualified LEADS, 24/7 that has better conversions
(Which could mean great sales figures!)


So, do explore our Marketplace.
Hope to see you on the inside! Cheers!

Rupa Patil
Founder – Weekend Nuts

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