For affordable & customized “Unconventional Brand Promotion”, for your business, talk to:

Rupa Patil , Founder |  (M) +91 9980 139 338 |

Why seek customers, when we can make them seek you?

We promote Brands in modern, unconventional inbound marketing way!

  • It’s customer-centric
  • It’s customized, yet affordable
  • It makes the customer seek you!

What’s typically included in a Brand promotion package:

  • Review of your current branding – online & offline
  • Review of your customer winning & retention strategies
  • Creation of new inbound marketing strategies for your brand (online & offline)
  • Implementing all/chosen strategies to win new leads/customers by making them seek you
  • Measuring the improvements, especially in case of hubspot integration
  • Creating strategies to retain & delight your customers
  • Brand Promotion Events – creative & customized

Why Us for Brand Promotions? 

We believe in unconventional branding; to make your customers seek you, instead of you seeking them. Moreover, we’re Soon to be certified by world class HubSpot, in inbound marketing.

Who for? From home-based businesses, hotels, institutes to corporates & beyond